LA Dept of Revenue

LA Dept of Revenue mission is to administer finance and tax laws of the State of Louisiana fairly and efficiently in order to promote public confidence and compliance, while providing excellent customer service. LA Dept of Revenue address is 617 North Third Street, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70821, the main phone number is 225-219-7462, thus you may use the below phone numbers directory for specific DOR offices:

LA Dept of Revenue main number (LDR): 225-219-7462
Call Center – Business Taxes Phone Number: (225) 219-7462
Call Center – Individual Income Phone Number: (225) 219-0102
Application and Business Registration Phone Number: (225) 219-7462
Louisiana Taxpayer Access Point (LaTAP) Phone Number: (225) 219-7462
Contractor Registration Phone Number: (225) 219-7462
Corporation Income & Franchise Tax Phone Number: (225) 219-7462
Excise Taxes Phone Number: (225) 219-7656
Louisiana Truck Center Phone Number: (225) 922-0548
Inheritance and Gift Taxes Phone Number: (225) 219-0102
Automated Individual Income Refund Inquiry Phone Number: (225) 922-3270 or 1-888-829-3071 (toll free)
Sales Tax Phone Number: (225) 219-7462
Severance Tax Phone Number: (225) 219-7656
Withholding Tax Phone Number: (225) 219-7462
General Information Phone Number: (225) 219-7462
Tax Forms (Income Tax) Phone Number: (225) 219-2113
Telecommunications Device for Deaf (TDD) Phone Number: (225) 219-2114
Alcohol and Tobacco Control Phone Number: (225) 925-4041

What is LA Dept of Revenue phone number?

LA Dept of Revenue phone number to call Louisiana Department of Revenue and speak to a real person is 225-219-7462.

LA Dept of Revenue Responsibilities

Watch this video to learn about LA Dept of Revenue responsibilities, activities, services and more.

LA Dept of Revenue Fax Number

LA Dept of Revenue fax number where you can send fax messages, documents and forms is (225) 231-6221.

LA Dept of Revenue Address

LA Dept of Revenue address to send official mail, documents, complaints, requests, and forms is:

Louisiana Department of Revenue (LA Dept of Revenue)
617 North Third Street
Baton Rouge
Louisiana 70821

LA Dept of Revenue Website

LA Dept of Revenue website where you can get the latest news, updates, executive directors’ information, public announcements and more, can be accessed by clicking here. is providing updated information for LA Dept of Revenue and DOR nationwide, by state. It is a completely independent website that has no affiliation with any of the federal or state’s government departments, bureau, offices, agencies, boards, or commission.

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